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Benefits of Using a Titan Poker Bonus Code

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Titan Poker opened in 2005 and has since become one of the top 5 poker rooms on the Internet. They have an active player base and offer a selection of quality poker games in the poker room that will surely please everyone. As there are still many poker players who have not yet joined Titan Poker, it is recommended that you try them out to see how they compare to your current room. When you sign up for your account, you will need to have the bonus code available before you can enter it into the optional bonus code box when you sign up. Please note that US and Turkish players will not be able to use the bonus code. When you use a Titan Poker bonus code when you sign up, you may receive a 100% bonus up to $ 500, plus a free $ 25. The $ 25 will be credited to your account within 72 hours of the deposit. Your $ 500 bonus will be credited to your account every time you earn $ 5 situs poker online. The way to earn the bonus is by playing poker and earning player points. You will have a total of 90 days to complete the bonus and if you cannot finish it within 90 days, the remaining bonus money can no longer be earned. You can also participate in some great free roll tournaments if you sign up using a bonus code, so there are many benefits to why you should use it when signing up for your account. After you finish earning your Titan Poker bonus , they also offer many other great player promotions, such as amazing tournaments with extra prizes.