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French Bingo Card Maker

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The game of bingo is an activity suitable for French language classes. This is because the game is simple to play, highly flexible, and, especially importantly, does not require an investment in costly specialist materials or resources SBOBET.

If you choose to play the game of bingo in French language classes, the most important thing to remember is that the game should be held in French. This is because simply playing in French can be a useful educational challenge in and of itself.

As far as the mechanics of play are concerned, each member of the class is provided with a bingo card, and the game is played in the normal fashion with the teacher taking the role of bingo caller. There is however one crucial difference from the normal game: the cards contain words and phrases instead of the usual numbers. Since the words will of course all be in French, they are intended to aid students in improving their vocabulary in French.

Variants of French bingo include versions where the calls are made in English, and students must attempt to match French language words, or use printed cards in English and make the calls in French, or mix English and French for the calls and cards.

The question that French language teachers will have is how to print the bingo cards. Luckily, this is very straightforward. You simply download some bingo card maker software, to your PC, and then you can prepare bingo cards with the absolute minimum of effort. You might be surprised at how well an educational version of bingo is suitable for teaching!

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