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Roulette Killer Scam Review

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Roulette Killer is an online roulette-beating program that is designed to ensure the player comes out on top at the end of each betting session. In this short Roulette Killer review, I’m going to talk about everything. I know relating to this casino-beating program.

What stops most people from buying it is their lack of knowledge about the product and how it works, so in this Roulette Killer review I’m going to give you everything I know about this program and show you what I earned by using it poker pulsa.

Roulette Killer is an piece of software that enlists several methods of beating roulette at once to ensure that you will win, including a few smart betting strategies, mathematical principles and tracking of where the ball has landed on the wheel each spin. While none of these methods alone are guaranteed to have you win every single time, when combined together they ensure that you have a much higher average level of odds than the casino does.

Having higher odds doesn’t mean guaranteed odds however, meaning you will experience small losses from time-to-time, but in the end you will always come out on top.

Think of it this way; normally when you play roulette your odds of winning overall are around 47% due to the casino’s house edge. When using Roulette Killer your average odds are raised to a total of around 78% with all the methods combined. Through this you do have just over a 20% chance of losing overall, however you have a much higher odds of winning.

There is no way to beat the roulette wheel every spin, however using Roulette Killer you do have the highest chance of coming out on top every time.

Even if you’ve had no experience playing roulette in the real world or online, you will have no problems at all picking up Roulette Killer and begin using it with success. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s a piece of software that runs on auto and all you have to do is tell it where the ball is landing on each spin. It makes its calculations and tells you exactly where and when to bet.

There are some simple instructions enclosed in Roulette Killer which should be read before you use it, even though you should be confident using it within about five minutes of buying it.

Now to the important stuff – the earning figures. Let me start by saying that you shouldn’t be swayed by the pretty pictures of the Lamborghini Reventon on the Roulette Killer website because I doubt using this will ever buy you that car. However, you can expect you to make enough money to easily leave your job within a week of buying it.

Let’s say you’re going to be betting very conservatively and sticking to only $ 1 batch. Doing this, you can easily expect to make around $ 60- $ 80 per hour, and a whole lot more if you’re betting larger amounts.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in an online casino right away, my advice is to load around $ 50 into your bankroll, begin betting with $ 1 batch and when you have accrued around $ 500 in your bankroll – which should only take you a few days – start betting with larger amounts like $ 2, $ 3 or ever $ 5 per bet. Doing this, you can expect to make some enormous amounts of cash.

So, is it worth spending just under $ 50 on Roulette Killer? I’d say the answer is definite yes simply because you’ll make your investment back in the product within the first hour – possibly even half an hour – which in anyone’s eyes should make it a viable bit of gear.

Also, as with every product that’s sold through Clickbank, you’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee for 8 weeks meaning if it’s not for you, you get your cash back.

So, should you buy Roulette Killer? Well, I’ve been gambling professionally for over five years and I know no other way that a total novice can enter the world of career gambling with no experience and such a little investment.

Whatever you decide is right for you, I hope this Roulette Killer scam review has helped you to make a more informed decision about buying this product.


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